Interacting Weakly is a regular podcast that aims to bring you a summary of the week’s science in a funny, almost entirely non-offensive way. The brainchild of writer Gilead Amit and producer Jen Whyntie (both currently on Imperial College London’s “Science Communication” Masters course), Interacting Weakly features a revolving and evolving cast of some of the most difficult-to-spell names in popular science coverage. If there are any science-related stories you’d like to hear about in next week’s episode, do let us know via twitter.

“[A] bizarre Monty Python/Horizon hybrid […] a twisted genetic mess of comedy and science” — Ben Gilliland, MetroCosm (Metro). Follow Ben on Twitter.

“A better alternative to ‘Just A Minute'” — Professor Jon Butterworth, Head of Physics, UCL. Follow Jon on Twitter | read his Guardian blog.